Thanks for popping by.  I'm Gilli Kane (AKA Auntie G).  Depending on where you have come from will determine which 'me' or Auntie G you are looking for.  Your choices are:

the Auntie G who owns The Kane Gallery or

the Auntie G who writes an irregular art blog or

Auntie G - Coach and Marketing Auntie for creatives

Or all of them!!

Or it could be the Auntie G who is Gilli Kane of Gill Kane Associates Ltd. 

Here are the links - pop by and say hello - whichever Auntie G you choose!!


The Kane Gallery

The small and beautifully formed on line gallery with pop up exhibitions and permanent venues in Bristol

Aunte G art blog

Irregular art blog about arts and artists in and around Bristol and the South West..

Coach and Marketing Auntie

You are here but come along to my welcome page

Gill Kane Associates Ltd

Coaching and training for businesses.

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