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Hello to artists, creatives, creative business owners

Thanks for popping by.  I'm Auntie G and I specialise in helping creative thinkers think things through, find their vision, live on purpose with authenticity and credibility.


Are you a creative? Are you great at what you do?  Have you found your passion?  Do you love your work?

I've worked with creatives and mavericks for over thirty years.  Some common challenges I hear them talk about are they:

  • Feeling stuck or having lost their mojo

  • Feeling overwhelmed - too much to do and too little time - and who wants to do admin anyway?

  • Not sure of what to do next to move up to the next level

  • Find it hard to write about themselves, present with confidence, get their message across with confidence and credibility.

I also work with creative teams find their shared values, vision, collective mission and find balance in working together productively as a high performing team.  Get in touch if you would like to talk over the challenges or changes you would like to make and let's see if I am a good fit for you and your team. 

For Corporates and Public Sector please see Gill Kane Associates Ltd.

By the way 71A is my own passion project.  I don't have anywhere else for it to live at the moment, so my personal creative allotmenting journey is living here on this site for the time being.  You can think of it as getting to know me a bit better as a person before you connect if you think/  feel I am someone you would like to explore working with.

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Overcoming Overwhelm


Coaching for Creatives

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Breakthrough Writing

Thank you to Andrew Burns Colwill for the use of his wonderful images.

20/50 Vision Tomorrow's Habitat
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