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Nick Harvey

  'Barn Owl No.1' A0 Acrylic on Hardboard    £276

Bat No.2' Acrylic on Hardboard 70x70cm    £144  

'Fox No.1' 40x113cm Acrylic on Hardboard    £192  

'Owl No.2' 190x60cm Acrylic on Hardboard    £300

Bat No.1' (this has recently sold, but I will recreate it for the show) Acrylic on Hardboard Approx A1    £216

Cat N0.1' A1 Arcylic on hard board    £216 Cat No.2' A1 Acrylic on Hardboard    £216

Julian Quaye

Barney Goes A Hunting, framed print on canvas £252

Boris (Westminster by Gaslight) £252

Carolyn ‘Ginger’ Grant £252

The Aviator £252

At Home with Ted and Dolly £252

Owl and Pussycat II £252

Horny Beast £252

Buster the Dane £252

birds 1 spray paint and stencils  100cm wide by 125cm £180

birds 2 spray paint and stencils 100cm wide by 125cm.JPG £180

birds of paradise spray paint and stencils 100cm wide by 125cm £180

Redbirds4 spray paint and stencils 100cm wide by 125cm £180

Mary Rouncefield

John Curtis

Stokes Croft series, the first is of an abandoned building (the carriageworks) with a view from Picton street near Montpellier, and this is on a 30x40cm canvas, in spray paint, acrylic and posca £168

The next one is a print of the carriageworks, in Stokes Croft, this is a limited edition print (1 of 25) on A3 paper and I can supply this one framed and mounted £100

original painting of an abandoned office building in a Bedminster on a 30x40cm board which is done in spray paint, acrylic and ink, and would be framed in a 40x50cm frame £140

Sophie Long

BALD EAGLE  120x120cm  Acrylic on partially primed raw ply


SPOTS   80x60c m  Acrylic on box canvas 



“Dweet fi di likes“ spray paint on canvas 121x91 cm£1,020

Zase Fracture 76x50cm spray paint on canvas £456


J. West

Tiger Wreath 2 original, 50 x 50 cm framed