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Had fun this year, creating videos, catalogues and working with Andrew Burns Colwill

November is always a time of year for me to take stock as we approach the close of one year and the potential of the next. I think we often forget to look back and celebrate the changes and successes that a year brings. So this is a bit of a personal retrospective on some of the things I've enjoyed this year.

2017 is being an exciting year for me. Auntie G has stepped out of the shadows and in the last six months I've created my new website (here) to showcase the work I've been doing for some brilliant Bristol artists and creative businesses. It has also seen the start of my new on line art Gallery - The Kane Gallery and my art blogs on Wordpress where I have been getting lovely comments. Click on the pictures for the links.

One of the things I've particularly enjoyed this year is working with Scuba from Scuba Lux Creatives. ‘In the can’ we have a number of videos from this year’s Upfest and Cheltenham Paint Festival. We are currently working on the final edits which I hope we will be posting over the next couple of months. It has been a learning curve for both of us and finding time with day jobs and covering new events has been tricky. But now that I am housebound for a few weeks (hurty foot) then we will hopefully be sitting down with lap tops around the kitchen table and putting the final edits in place soon.

I’ve also been creating some more simple video slide interviews like the ones here with Andrew Burns Colwill about his recent festival street art pieces.

And Scuba has also worked on a fab video showing Andrew's live paint in his last exhibition.

This year I’ve been been working with Andrew on the social media and general promotions of his two brilliant shows this year ‘20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat’ and his most recent ‘Through the eyes of an Ostrich’. (click on the links below to see the print catalogues).

I’ll also be working on his next show coming up later this month – more to come soon.

I've also been coaching artists and creatives this year and we are already seeing some transformational results!

So, two new websites, a blog and a selection of videos as well as the coaching, promo and marketing work with my clients feels a pretty fab year so far.

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