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What to sow in April


Been looking through my favourite what to sow YouTubers so here are 3 to watch this month for great sowing advice.

A really comprehensive list of seeds from Liz Zorab. I like the reminder to sow some seeds sucessionally like spring onions, beetroot and turnips. Also she says now is the time for first and second earlies and even main crop. And a really interesting way that she is growing potatoes in grass clippings. This year I'm going to try in woodchip so will post separately about that when I plant out.

Liz also reminds us to sow our all year round herbs, and start some off for going out. This is something I didn't do last year as there seemed so much to do, but going to have a go at this this year.

For those of you who like to know the exact varieties, Dan is really good for telling you what he is sowing . I also follow Dan's way of starting things out in modules, and in seed trays indoors. For PollyTunnelers and Green house owners you might like his idea of looking after more tender plants in polystyrene boxes with lids to protect from frost.

I like one of the starting bits of observation here - when you notice the weed seeds coming up - it's time to start planting out! Also some plants which are in addition to the videos above. He also reminds us to get on with some plants if we haven't got them started already like tomatoes, abubergine and chillies.

For last frost date he says look for the temperatures over night being 10 degrees c. for a few nights - so not now then.

Plots and plans

This is what I'm planning to sow this month. Outdoors - I will cover with a fleece. I start everything out on the window sill - my Germination Station. I am lucky that it is roughly south facing so has good sunlight. Then I move most over to my small plastic house - the Propagation Palace.

I'll do a blog later in the week with my updates and how I'm getting on.


Seed trays on window sill

Multisown in small posts and loo rolls

Single sown loo rolls/ small pots


Spring onions





Broad beans*






Red Russian Kale Calebrese

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Salad leaves


Pak Choi

Kohlrabi Ameranthe

Marigolds and calendula


Spring onions




Parsnips in loo rolls to germinate on window sill





Happy lottie plotting and planting people.


Auntie G

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