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What to sow in February


As I am wandering round my gardening gurus on YouTube I thought I'd just copy them in here so you don't have to search. So, here are some of my favourites who all have individual approaches and advice, with some bonus advice from Charles Dowding at the end about how to get going with seed sowing.

I like Steve from Green Side up - ever practical and I'm also really liking his new Kitchen Garden project - a kind of homage to Geoff Hamilton. As a pollyculture wannabe I'm really interested to see the different companion plants he is putting together, and making it beautiful as well as edibly (I know that is not a real world) productive. Also his idea of growing tomato plants from the cordons really appeals so going to try that.

Liz Zorab from Bythe Farm has been my 'go to' for sowing advice since I started last year. What I also like about Liz's 'what to sow' guides is she puts the lists in the description box.

Dan from Home Gardens always makes me smile. Along with the what to sow I like his advice of either water seedlings from the bottom or if from the top use a spray - something I will be doing on my south facing window sill. I don't have propagator or heat pad so I also like the way that this is how he starts his seeds off.

My Family Garden always a favourite. I will be trying his tip to sow early cropping tomatoes to avoid blight - along with much much more.

Both he and Liz are starting peas off in guttering. I tried this last year and it didn't work quite so well for me but I didn't do the spacing here that he recommends. I might try it again when I have the plastic house up and running again but in the meantime I'm going to sow my first sowings in loo rolls as that was my most successful way of starting peas last year.

And for an all round advice and approach to sowing seeds I like this new video from Charles Dowding who was my first gardening guru who I was watching whilst waiting for my allotment a couple of years ago.

So what I am trying this month will be:


Window Sill - seed trays

Window sill loo rolls or multi-sown



Spring onions


Purple sprouting broccoli



All year round cauliflower


Mustard salads

Rainbow chard

Sweet peas


Moneymaker tomatoes

Broad Beans




Pak Choi

Outdoor cucumbers

Happy lottie plotting and planting people.


Auntie G

P.S. And for Bristol peeps a shout out about Bristol Seed Swap on 13th Feb 2022. Here is the link.



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