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Social Media Management

Thinking about Social Media

The divisive, time consuming marketing fashion that is Social Media.  Love it or hate it it is here to stay and pretty vital in most marketing strategies.  But it is always worth remembering that it is part of a bigger marketing or promotional plan not a panacea to all promotional ills.

I think there are four main areas to consider when thinking about social media

  • Having a good look at where you are now - how many followers, likes, posts - and what are they doing for you (other than taking time away from what you really want to be doing, or providing a fantastic procrastination activity).

  • Really thinking about who you want to be reaching and why - what difference do you want your social media efforts to make: raising awareness, generating leads or relationships, engaging with your customers?  So many people (myself included) have (and sometimes still do) just do it but not think about what the results or difference you want your hard efforts to bring.

  • Once you are clear on it's job it is then about creating compelling content that will engage with the readers or tribes that you want to create.

  • Social media tools are time gobblers - if you already use it - how often can you suddenly look up from Facebook, Pinterest or the other ones and realise you've lost the last 2 hours (or more!) of life.  The platforms are designed to be addictive, so it is important to have strategies to manage it before it runs away with your precious hours.  A great way to do this is to use some of the social media scheduling tools out there - or you can have me and the Auntie G team sort it for you. 

Social Media Scheduling

Prices start at £50 per month by the way.

Let me take the headache out of posting every day.  I can help you with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Social Media Training

Are you a creative business or collection of creatives?  I write bespoke workshops to help you get connected with your media as a collective.  Areas cover

Social media audit

Writing a simple strategy

Creating compelling content

Sharing the load - who does what - so we all still have time to play

Scheduling it so it doesn't run your life

Sessions from 2 hours to 1 day

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Julian Quaye

Gill is brilliant to work with and does brilliant work. Three years ago I had no social media presence - if you type me into Google I think she has the first 6 pages covered, and this is all her work. She's sorted social media profiles, my website as well as encouraging, cajoling and supporting me along the way.
She gets the complications of a creative brain and works alongside you to bring out your best. Can't recommend her highly enough. 

Artists - do yourself a favour and talk to Auntie G.

September 2016

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