Hello to artists, creatives, creative business owners

Thanks for popping by.  I'm Auntie G and I specialise in helping artists and other creatives think things through, make plans that work (and get stuff done!) around promotion and stepping into your success.


Are you a creative? Are you great at what you do?  Have you found your passion?  Do you love your work?

I've worked with creatives and mavericks for over thirty years.  Some common challenges I hear them talk about are they:

  • have great work and want to 'get it out there', make sales, find clients, collectors, customers but often don't have the time, the remote interest, the money or the know how

  • are doing lots of promotional stuff but not making sales

  • have a fantastic idea for a new business but they don't know how to get started

  • have worked really hard and are ready to move up to the next level but the question is how

  • feel overwhelmed at the thought of promoting their work 

  • and in some cases find social media is a befuddlement 

Look or sound familiar?  Would you like some help?

Getting your work out there and making sales

Do you need to get your work 'out there'?

Are you an artist with a show coming up?

Do you have a budget?

Do you not have any money to spend on promotion? 

Social Media Management

Do you find social media a confusion?

Would you like help understanding how promotion works, some tips and techniques?

Would you just like someone to do it for you?

Moving up and taking your idea / work to the next level

Is it time for you to move forward? 

Are you an artist or another creative who knows you want to be at the next level?

Would you find it helpful to identify your blocks and get them out of the way?

Overcoming Overwhelm

Do you have a big project coming up, or a show, or starting your own business and are feeling overwhelmed? 

Is there too much to do and too little time? 

Would you like some help in seeing the wood for the trees and getting started?

Writing with confidence about you, your work or your business

Does the thought of writing about yourself fill you with horror? 

Do you loath having to write promotional stuff. 

Do you start writing and then you have a muddle of lots of things and not know how to cut it down - because is is ALL important? 

Do you sigh inside when someone asks you for your biography or artist statement?

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