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New for 2018 - Breakthrough Writing

Breakthrough Writing

- writing about your self and your work with confidence

Where this programme  of 1-1 tutorials came from was I needed to write a number of promotional emails for clients, I knew the content but, for me I just wasn't connecting, it all seemed a bit jumbled, the order had no logical flow.  I knew if I sent it out like that no one would buy anything!  I've taught presentation skills for years (and find it really easy to design presentations and training - I have a formula!)  So I played with the formula, refined it and presto Breakthrough Writing was born. 

As I write this, today I was working with a client who spoke to me for an hour and a half about their new product (my job was to make it make sense).  It took about another hour or so but by the end I had a fabulously structured, logical piece of promotional material that will work. 

So if you would like a set of tools to make any letter writing, promotional material, proposal give you the best chance then read on.

The 1-1 tutorials give you an easy toolkit that:

  • gives you an easy framework to identify what you want to say 

  • enables you to effortlessly keep in mind what you want the piece of writing to do (get people interested in your work, buy stuff, accept your proposal, move to the next stage?

  • provides you with a solid structure of how to connect, engage and inform your reader

  • ensures your writing is rich and multi-sensory so they can see the pictures, hear the words feel the emotions as the read it

  • (and if you know them well) be totally adapted to the way they think - not only speaking their language but also writing for how they think?

And you don't need to buy it all at once.  Sometimes just one of the sessions is enough to for the lightbulb to come on and you know what you want to say and how to say it.  These can be delivered face to face in Bristol or over the phone.

Coaching for Creatives: Service

Session One -  the building blocks

In the first session we consider relevant content (what your reader needs to know rather than what you want to say - it's all about them). We then work on the overall structure of the letter and identify areas that need a bit more research.

By the end of the first session you will have:

decided what you want the letter to do

collated practical, relevant information to get your message across

make it personal for your audience

played with the easy plan to create a letter that connects with your audience and gets your message across

identified the areas where you need to do more research and come up with a plan to get that information

Session Two - Creating the framework

The second session we practice two ways of finessing the structure. This means your writing will engage with your reader authentically. It also gives you more choices in your approach.

By the end of this session you will have

a first draft of your promotional letter

practiced how to choose relevant information for its recipients

used two different letter writing approaches for the same content

choose and refine the approach that work best for you and your audience

put your personality into your letter authentically

Session Three - Making Connections

The third session is optional and this session is about connecting on a deeper level. It is about writing to match the way the reader thinks. This is where you know an individual well enough to do an analysis with me of their thinking patterns. Some people like information quickly and in short bursts, others need more information and time to consider the detail. Some people prefer to have options to choose from whilst others like to know the steps that need to be taken in a logical order. These are just two thinking patterns that are really useful to get a deeper level of connection with your reader.

In this session we identify a number of thinking patterns, choose the more important ones, and finesse the language you are using. This builds real rapport with your person on an unconscious level.

By the end of the third session you will have

identified the reader’s thinking patterns, chosen the most important ones to focus on to get your message across

started to have adapted some of the phrases in your letter to connect with them on a deeper level.

Session 4 - Breaking Through

In the fourth session we play with the power of charismatic language to get your message across. This is a technique about how to use language to connect with people. It is a systematic way of building rapport using visual, hearing, feeling and thinking language in a specific way.

By the end of this session you will have

practiced writing in a charismatic style to engage with your reader

started to rewrite sections of your letter to connect with the people you

are writing to

Generally each session is around an hour to an hour and a half.  Or they can be built into a larger piece of work as my client Jane chose. 

What Jane said about her customised Breakthrough programme:

I am a certified Shadow Work Facilitator and Coach, NLP and Shiatsu practitioner, as well as spending most of my career as a leadership and organisational development professional.I have known Gilli for many years, as neighbours, as friends and I knew that she was talented, but I had not really experienced the depth of her experience and the knowledge she could bring.

Gilli began working with me in December 2017 when I shared with her my vision of what I wanted do and be in my life and that I just couldn’t get it started. I was lost in it. I had so much judgement running about myself, that I couldn’t ‘just ‘work it out and get on with it; that it was a pipe dream, that i really wasn't good enough. You know that critical voice! 

Right from the start Gilli acknowledged where I was. She listened deeply to my frustrations, fear and judgements. She gently ,yet firmly, held a very safe place for me to explore the blocks that were holding me back from making my purpose a reality.

Now, sitting here I realise that I couldn’t have worked this all out on my own. As a creative person, as an empath, as someone who is a deep thinker and liable to dream, and contemplate my navel, I needed someone who was able to pull me out and engage me with another toolkit.

Gilli has facilitated and coached me through a really amazing process over the past 4 months. She has taken me from a place of confusion and fear, of blocks and resistance, to a place of purpose, clarity and excitement.

Gilli is able to bring her understanding and experience from a background of corporate training, NLP coaching and marketing. In addition she has a deep understanding and compassion for creative minds.Her process is fluid and person centred and at the same time very results oriented. Her drive is for her client, that is me, to make it happen; it’s tangible.

I had four sessions with Gilli, each lasting approximately 3 hours.The results of the 12 hours of her coaching, of NLP, of her marketing experience has enabled me to fully realise and own my purpose, and to make it real, to make it live and have the social media tools to share it. I now have a platform and a framework that I understand and can use to communicate, promote and market myself on social media. Now that is pretty great.


If this is something you would like to explore

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