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Here are some of the people I'm watching and learning from:

71 A

Auntie G the Experimental Enthusiastic Beginner!

Before taking over the plot I'd spent the 18 months since signing up researching different approaches.  I've listed some (not all) of the channels which have really helped me define the type of growing that I want to do and learn more about :

No Dig



These are areas that particularly interest me as I need to have a plot that I can manage physically (my back says digging is out of the question!) and to do as little as possible.  The little as possible hopefully starts being created in 2022 when I want to learn more about permaculture and watering methods.  But for now it is laying the foundations and keeping learning.

Hopefully if you click on their names I'll have linked you to their YouTube channels


Charles Dowding - No Dig 

Liz Zorab - Byther Farm

Huw Richards

My Family Garden

Home Gardens

Grow Veg

Learn How to Garden

Project Diaries

World wide

Grow to Cook - great channel about permaculture and polyculture

Self sufficient me

MI Gardener

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