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Moving up to the next level

Moving up - taking your idea / art onto the next level

If we do what we always did we will get what we always got.  To make the change we need to be the change. 


I have over fifteen years or more helping creatives make that paradigm shift and step into the self they want to be, some people call it their power.   Sometimes it is about


  • revisiting who you are with fresh eyes

  • really connecting with your vision and purpose

  • knowing how to network and seek opportunities with confidence and

  • letting go of baggage (often that someone else gave you).  

How I can help

Sometimes you just need to talk things through to find your way, free you mind to create, make your plan.  I've worked with creatives for over 30 years.  The work we can do together can either be face to face or on the phone.  These sessions are different for each person and what they need.  I take a coaching approach for you to think things through.  At the end of which you may know exactly what to do next and / or I might have some other tools in my toolbox that can help.  In my life in corporate training I also taught lots of leadership and project management programmes so have techniques from how to think through a project to how to schedule tasks to how to resolve conflict to how to manage your own head.

Von Grey

'Gilli has boosted my career significantly since she has been coaching me. After only three sessions she has helped me to unleash myfull potential and through her incredible coaching techniques she has enabled me to focus on my realised and unrealised, sub-conscious life goals. I have seen a vast improvement in the standard of projects I am engaging with. I have a better studio and my work/life balance is much healthier than it used to be. I would recommend Gilli to anybody!'

MAY 2016

For more testimonial and recommendations about my work have a look on my LinkedIn profile   I’d love to hear from you if you would like to explore making the changes to be the person you want to be.

Phone sessions start at £60 for an hour. 

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