Hi I’m Gilli Kane (AKA Auntie G) and I live in Bristol with two cats – one feline and one human.


Around four years ago I started working with Bristol artist Julian Quaye in helping him with his social media and the work just started to grow from there. I now work with a great selection of artists and creative businesses including Andrew Burns Colwill, Thomas Dowdeswell and 212 Productions - specialist printing company for artists and photographers and have my own on line gallery filled with fabulous Bristol artists.  The Kane Gallery

My background is 15 years marketing in the leisure industry followed by 15 years in corporate training.  In many ways I feel I've come full circle creatively as my degree was in Drama, Theatre and TV.  I have run my own consultancy Gill Kane Associates Ltd since 2003  and have taught Executive Coaching (with post-graduate qualifications) for one of my longest running clients HumanTechnics where I now look after around £250k of sales per year.  I had a bit of a meltdown a few years ago and decided that my years on the road were no longer for me.

I love working with artists and creative businesses helping them with marketing advice, social media and talking things through.  Marketing and promotion can be an expensive business so I have developed a suite of offerings which are affordable to the emerging artist or business venturing into the social media world.

My plans are to write some helpful hints and tips across the year and post them here.  Watch this space!

If you are an artist with an exhibition coming up or a creative/ creative business and you could do with some marketing advice or coaching I'd love to help. If you are curious - get in touch!


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