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Overcoming overwhelm

Sometimes a project can just seem too big, sometimes there just seems too much to do.  This can be especially true of starting a new business or really thinking about how to market and promote your work. 


Overcoming Overwhelm is about putting you back in the driving seat, so that you can get going on your project with inspired confidence.

How I can help is one or more coaching/mentoring sessions - face to face or over the phone.  What I often work with people on is


  • Letting go of some unhelpful thoughts and patterns. These are the 'Ya da di da' thoughts that run around in our heads which stop us from doing what we need or want to do. Indicators of this are:  I can't, this isn't me, I'll never be able to,  I should.

  • It might be you want to find some inspiration.  Fully connecting with the bigger picture, the vision, the goal can often be the trick in finding the motivation to get started.

  • It can sometimes be some time management tools to help get things underway.  Chunking things down into manageable bit size bits is one way; looking at priorities can be another.  I often find creatives either love or hate lists.  Traditional 'logical' techniques can leave them cold but there are also some creative tools to overcome procrastination or feeling swamped.  I taught Time Management programmes for over 15 years and I have a wealth of tools to fit all types and situations.

How I can help

Sometimes you just need to talk things through to find your way, free you mind to create, make your plan.  I've worked with creatives for over 30 years.  The work we can do together can either be face to face or on the phone.  These sessions are different for each person and what they need.  I take a coaching approach for you to think things through.  At the end of which you may know exactly what to do next and / or I might have some other tools in my toolbox that can help.  In my life in corporate training I also taught lots of leadership and project management programmes so have techniques from how to think through a project to how to schedule tasks to how to resolve conflict to how to manage your own head.

Tom Nicholls

Gilli has a fantastic understanding of coaching methods as well as long standing experience of delivery. As someone that has been frequently coached by her I can attest to her ability to seamlessly probe ideas and move conversations forward. As someone that has attended her workshops and seen her teach, I know her easy manner belies a rigorous understanding of practice.

May 2016

Tom and I first worked together in 2007, (amongst many other things) he is one of the current markers of the post-graudate Executive Coaching programme which I designed and delivered for HumanTechnics Ltd.

For more testimonials and recommendations about my work have a look on my LinkedIn profile.  I’d love to hear from you if you would like to explore making the changes to be the person you want to be.

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