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Special Offer - Coaching for Creatives - Jan '22

Creatives - are you feeling it tricky to get back into the creative flow?

Are you feeling you’ve lost your mojo? Are your muses not talking to you?

Is the big picture a bit fuzzy or foggy?

Would you like to get back on track, find your new thinking, re-ignite your creative spark?

Re-ignite your spark

If yes, can I invite you to consider an introductory transformational coaching session for the sublimely low price of £20. I believe income should not be a barrier to transformational coaching - my regular prices can be found below along with my what I do, how I work, my credentials and testimonials from one recent creative that I have worked with.

So what is transformational coaching?

I thought here some frequently asked questions might be helpful.

I come with the beliefs that:

  • You are the expert on you

  • Your unconscious mind knows all the answers

  • It is my job to ask you the right questions to help you unlock your answers.


How does it differ from counselling / therapy?

  • Whereas (in most cases but not all) counselling works with you on past issues for outcomes for today. Transformational coaching works with your issues today for your outcomes for tomorrow and the future.


How does it differ from ordinary coaching?

  • There are lots of different types of coaching - life, business, executive and there are lots of different methodologies (schools of thought). For me they break down into two types - transactional and transformational.

  • For me, if you imagine an iceberg, transactional coaching works with what you can see on the surface - so behaviours, environment, skills, abilities, talents, sometimes confidence comes in here. Where transformational coaching works is on what is under the surface, so what you believe is true, your helpful and limiting beliefs, what is important to you, your values, your guiding compass, how you see yourself in who you are, the difference you / your work is here to make.


How is it different from mentoring?

A mentor will generally be an expert in their field - so for creatives looking for business advice a mentor will very likely ask you a lot of questions to help you think through issues, but they will also have the expertise to advise, guide, steer you to reach your goal.

My expertise is holding a space for you where you do the work and uncover your own answers.


What happens in a session?

We start with a chat of where you are at and what you want to change, be, feel, do. It is vital in coaching to get to an outcome (the thing you want) - sometimes it starts by working with what you don’t want in order to uncover what you do want. Sometimes the first session can be exactly that - uncovering what you do want / who you want to be.

How I prefer to work is outdoors - for the work I do I believe people need sky and space, a place where they can get grounded. The restrictions of walls, for me, are not helpful in freeing thinking. So in a way it is literally thinking outside the box of 4 walls. What I ask clients to do is step outside - at the moment I’m just offering telephone coaching. I invite you to find a space in nature, can be a local park, the beach, by a river (you just need to check you have good mobile reception!) that you are safe and feel comfortable to talk, and to think, and to be.


Very often people only need one session with me to make that shift in their thinking. Here is what one of recent clients said about working with me:

Si Grithiths (artist) - one session.

Was in a rut. Creating but stagnant, not feeling like I had any direction. I was turning up to my studio every day but struggling. I needed to break out.

Gilli came recommended from a good friend and I thought “What have I got to lose?”

It’s odd doing this sort of thing over the phone and I found it daunting to start with. The secret was to immerse myself into what Gilli was asking and leave my trepidation behind.

I threw myself into the experience with complete honesty. Honesty with myself and honesty with Gilli.

Gilli’s process transformed me. I came out the other side feeling creatively rejuvenated, with direction and drive. I couldn’t wait to get back in the studio and start painting again. Two months later I’m still on the roll….. I cannot recommend Gilli enough.

About me and how I work

I was a management trainer and executive coach from 2001 to 2015, before that I was 15 years in Marketing. I also taught Executive Coaching at post graduate level till about seven years ago. I had my own mid-life crisis and needed a beak from this kind of work (the menopause can be a bitch). But after taking a break and doing some art promo work, some work on myself and taking time in nature, I am itching to help people get themselves back on track and find their own inspirations and mojos.

Who I don't work with

I am a coach and not a qualified mental health expert so I can't work with people who are currently in counselling or therapy, and I can't work with people who are on anti-depressants or similar.

Your investment I am offering the first five people an introductory sessions in January for £20 and a further 10 people an introductory session for £25. Generally in my work a session is all people need to make that first shift. After that it is income dependant. If you are on a low income it is £35 an hour, if you are earning more then it is more. It is up to you to disclose what you would expect to pay and can afford after you have had the first session. Sessions are generally between an hour to an hour and a half.

You book and pay on a session by session basis as you are ready for the next one. In my experience it is generally around 3 to 6 months, though I have had some clients who have wanted monthly sessions but generally they have reached where they want to be in 4 sessions if there was a lot of work to do.

Part of the first session will be to work out if we can work together - if (either way) it is not a fit for us then there is no charge.

What is next?

Message me if you would like to sign up - equally if you have more questions get in touch - we can arrange a call - but just to be clear that often ends up in the first session in my experience.

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