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Getting your work out there

I've worked in Marketing in some form or another since I left college.  It is in my DNA - my father was a brush salesman and then a seller on encyclopaedias, my brother was a marketing executive for a global company, as for me I've worked on everything from promoting an arts event, to sporting events (Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race back in the day), to doing £250k worth of sales per year for one of  my training company clients and I've been working with them for 10 years.

I had a meltdown a couple of years ago which gave me time to reassess who I am and what I want.  I'm loving my life with creatives now. I'm energised, having fun - really loving it.  I may go back to corporate life - but I rather doubt that.

So, lets think about promotion and how I can help. 

There are various things I can help with from marketing, promotional and social media planning and doing it, right down to scheduling. 


For those without any budget (I've been there and I know what it's like)  I'll be writing some hints and tips from a course I wrote called 'Marketing on a Shoestring' - check back in a couple of weeks as I plan to add some free resources to this page for you.

But if you do have a bit of dosh (all be it limited) then have a read through the rest of this page.

Promotional planning and partnering

We can work together in a number of ways.  We can chat though what you want your promotion to achieve and I / we can come up with a plan.  From there you might feel you are happy to take it forward or you might like me to take some of the 'heavy lifting' like scheduling social media, writing blogs, commissioning or creating videos, designing on line brochures or posters and flyers.  It will be what works within your budget.

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Examples of my work

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