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What to sow in July - advice from my gardening gurus


How's it growing? Here is my monthly collection of what to sow videos from my favourite YouTube garden growers.

There is STILL so much to sow, some things are reaching their last sowing times of the year like dwarf beans, beetroot, kholrabi, carrot, purple sprouting broccoli and dwarf peas (if you are quick) and some lettuce and some are JUST STARTING like the Chinese cabbages, pak choi, mustard salads which have a tendency to bolt if sown too early but for planting out in August they will stay in the ground as many are frost hardy and feed you through the hungry gap. It really worked for me last year. I hadn't realised that chard fits in to this category - some of mine that I sowed in March have bolted (going to seed) already, but I was still eating the last year's plants right up until this year's were ready!

Each video brings a different flavour and top tips for sowing and growing as well as what to sow. Inevitably there is some repetition in veggies but they do mention different varieties (I'm not quite that far on in my growing life to pay attention to that yet!).

These two videos I found really helpful last year Huw Richards with lots of sowing advice was inspired by this one from Liz from BytheFarm from the previous year. It was Liz I primarily followed in my first year as she is always the one with the longest lists.

Mothin from My family Garden inspires me with his inter cropping and using every bit of space. Also (something I plan to do next year) is save space in between outside climbing cucumber for a last sowing of peas. What I also learned here was that chard and beetroot are the same family - one cultivated for the root and one for the leaves. Also I so love his land grab with even growing in guttering for salads when the ground is full. As a half-plotter this appeals. Also check out his home made potting table - he is very proud of it - I think it is genius. Mothin is the only one who mentions Brussel sprouts - which I thought we were well too late for. I had resolved to buy plug plants as I forgot to buy seed so may re-visit my thinking on this one.

Here are the videos. I've incorporated some of the notes I took in the seed list at the bottom, this is so I can print out the list and tick them off as I go.

I looked up to see if Vital Seeds were still doing their Second Spring collection. Looks to be out of stock but some great tips for July at the end. Here is the link

Just a top tip that I took was, like Mothin, I leave roots in the ground, but here he makes once exception where he is harvesting something where he is going to sow carrots he pulls the roots up to loosen the soil. Carrot seeds are so tiny.

By the time you get to Dan from Home Gardens you may be video'ed out but worth a watch - even if you have your seed list by then, for advice on how and where to sow.

This is not a totally comprehensive list but 90% there. I've jotted down some of the notes I made from the videos. I've also added in some Charles Dowding last sowing dates from his calendar. What I've found frustrating in the past is not realising I missed the month for sowings - so I've put the last chance in bold.

What to sow in July 22
Download PDF • 42KB

Happy lottie plotting and planting people.


Auntie G

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