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What to sow in May


So here is my journey through my favourite YouTubers to get started with the abundance that can be sown in May. Each takes a slightly different approach - from the Whistle Stop tour of 50 seeds to sow this month from Liz from BytheFarm, to more of an exploration of different varieties and sowing methods from Dan from Home Gardens and then some top tips and some different vegetables (particularly beans) from Mothin from My family Garden.

There is also a bonus video at the end from one of my fellow lottiers Dave from Young Ground Grows who shares his secret of creating compost in just 3 weeks!! Useful for everyone, but one I wish I had known when I first started out as a No Dig allotmenteer.

So let's get started ... seeds for May....

50 seeds yes 50!! Spend 10 mins with Liz as she takes you through a lightening tour of what to sow this month. She reminds us to pay attention to the frosts. In the Bristol area it looks like the last frost could be this week. On the long range forecast I don't see it getting down to frost temperatures - but do check for yourself! Couple of interesting tips I noticed here was to sow spinach not in a full sun area. This is to avoid it drying out and bolting. Another great tip was growing runner beans as a perennial. I'm not a fan of the runner, being more of a French and Dwarf fan myself - but if you do - then good to know.

As an aside I was talking to one of my lottie chums who just grows the yellow courgette as they are easier to see and therefore less likely to miss before they turn into giant marrows - so Top Tip from Tim.

Invest 14 mins with Dan who takes you through the varieties he is growing and lots of top tips including if you plant carrots in something raised around 60cm (2ft) then the carrot fly can't jump that high - who knew! Also some great tips for protecting plants both inside the pollytunnel and outside from frosts.

Enjoy 13 mins with Mothin to see what he's sowing and growing inside and outside this month. Also his genius design for his home made potting bench, as well as top tip for where you have a broken module tray - double up so you can keep using. He also says it's a bit late to start sowing tomatoes now, but has some great suggestions for things to sow outside to avoid bolting.

Dave's quick compost. Dave is a fellow lottier where I have my lottie plot. People often say No Dig is expensive to get going as you need so much compost - so for first timers my advice is to start small and there are ways and means to populate your beds cheaply with a bit of effort. Here is some great advice from Dave.

I'm just sorting my seeds so will do an update of what I'm sowing this month in my next blog along with the end of month tour of the Germination Station and Propagation Palaces and the beginning of the month lottie tour.

Happy lottie plotting and planting people.


Auntie G

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