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My May Lottie Tour

May already - how did that happen? Here is the end of the month tours of what I'm doing at home, and the beginning of May lottie plot tour. But if you would just rather see what an expert is doing scroll down and check out Huw Richard's inspirational end of April tour instead.

So for friends who have been on this journey with me here is my May update. You may need one of these.... as it is a 10 minute vid!

As ever I occasionally call a leek an onion and land cress rocket, but on the whole everyone gets the right name.

Even I was quite surprised in the contrast to where I was at just 12 months ago.

Since making the video I watched Huw Richard's April garden tour. It is worth it just for his reaction to eating raw asparagus for the first time - something I shared and totally agree. "It is like asparagus and peas had a baby'. As ever with Huw some great tips - using grass clippings as a mulch to conserve water and generate 'tworm' (the worm in a Yorkshire accent) activity; chop and drop for mulch where you are going to grow the crop; so many thing self-seed including tomatoes - so seeds for free! Something I'm going to look into is some kind of soaker hose adaptation. It saves 70% of water apparently. Such amazing productivity - well he has been doing it since he was eleven, but always an inspiration. Enjoy....

So I took the chop and drop advice from the video for happy tworms.

And just an update - I did the turning of the composts and the courgette bed is prepped on top of the compost bay I grew the squash in last year.

And for my behind the scenes - here is what is sowing and growing at home in the Germination Station AKA my front window.....

And a little wander round the Propagation Palaces - AKA the two plastic houses in the back garden.

Happy lottie plotting and planting people.


Auntie G

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